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The Importance of Posting Current Photos Online

When you are reviewing your business website and online presence, are you taking the time to review photos? We find that most business owners overlook the fact that staff or office photos are outdated, giving their website a dull and neglected look. Your photos online are just as important as updated policy or product information and you are missing out without keeping updated pics throughout your online space.

Current Staff Photos
Many of our Search SEO Chicago clients have an About Us page on their website that includes a bio of key staff, along with a photo. We always encourage our clients to update their staff photos at least yearly. Not only does it give your overall page an updated look, it assures that new staff members are given the chance to feature a photo while still maintaining a cohesive portfolio appearance.

Beyond your About Us page, other staff photos on your website should be updated regularly. Photos can appear outdated quickly, including photos of your office building or recent client testimonial features.

Current Product Photos
If your business website is featuring photos of products or services that you no longer offer, you are at a risk for disappointing or alienating customers. Make it a recurring yearly appointment on your business calendar to update all product and services photos.

Current Videos
You already know that the SEarch SEO Chicago team encourages video posts for all our clients. However, an old video is almost as harmful to your online presence as no video at all. Each month, assure you are posting a current video to keep your portfolio current and appealing.

We know that you are busy running your business, and keeping up with current staff or service photos can seem trivial. However, if you don’t take the time to keep up with new photos, you increase your risk of losing a potential client. Let us help you stay organized by managing your website and online presence. Give us a call today to hear more and to arrange your consultation.

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