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Should You Have Separate Work and Personal Social Media Accounts?

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, at some point, you have most likely asked yourself if you should have separate work and social media accounts. For those who may be uncertain, the answer is a whopping YES! Mixing personal and work accounts is a bad idea for multiple reasons.

You Might Lose Business

The first reason is that you might lose business. When you have a work page, everything you post is public. By mixing accounts, you run the risk of sharing personal views that upset clients and customers who may not agree with you!

Reveal Private Information to the World

The second reason why mixing personal and work accounts is a bad idea is that it reveals your private information to the world. Do you really want customers and clients hearing your innermost thoughts, knowing who your friends are, or seeing what your kids look like? Not only would this compromise your privacy, but it might also even be embarrassing if they see something you do not want them to!

Makes Things Less Professional

The third reason why you should have separate work and personal accounts is that mixing accounts can get downright unpleasant for your clients. In business, it is particularly important to maintain a professional setting. If, for example, you are posting about your newest toilet bowl cleaning product, and then you turn around and go on a rant about genetically modified oranges, you will be undermining your relationship with customers who feel personal and professional subjects should not mix.

Causes Name Confusion

An additional reason why you should separate work and personal accounts is that combining them can cause name confusion. Posting a bunch of personal content online might make clients and customers think that you are someone else posting under the same name. If you are running a business, the best thing you can do is be a good representative. The implication here is that you have to keep your online world clean and tidy. You are there to bring focus to the company, not distract from it.

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