Plan Now for Your Autumn Ads

Summer is coming to a close, but August is an ideal time to begin looking forward to your marketing plans for autumn. Be sure you schedule time in between staff vacations and events to brainstorm for a successful push into the last half of 2019. Here are a few ways you can create momentum while planning for your autumn marketing specials.

Find Pain Points

Review common pain points for potential customers, and determine how your services or product can remedy those. Once you have common pain points listed, pick a few to focus on for the autumn months. Depending on your business, your pain points could follow a seasonal trend. Be sure to capture those instances by choosing the pain points that pop up in the fall months.

Consider Content

It is wise to pair your ads or seasonal specials with resources or content that will generate buzz on social media. Can you write a resource or blog post about one of the pain points you identified? Create content ideas now so your marketing efforts are streamlined.

Make It Worthwhile

Can you run a special for services that address your identified pain points? Whether you choose to run a flash sale on social media, a print campaign coupon, or digital ads featuring a specific code, it can be wise to offer an incentive to push the customer into purchasing your services.

Get Some Help

The team at Search SEO Chicago is ready to help you meet your autumn marketing needs. We can take care of content creation, designing digital advertisements, and making your social media feed relevant to your goals. You don’t have to manage digital marketing all on your own; let us help you get it done efficiently and successfully.

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