At Search SEO Chicago, we choose to work with small and mid-sized businesses for a few reasons. The most important reason is that when we work with our clients, we get the opportunity to truly become a member of their team. We love being able to assist our clients with their goals and to give them the tools they need to succeed online and offline. However, we have found that the most successful partnerships are those that focus on great communication and teamwork.

Keeping Communication Alive
In order for a digital agency, like Search SEO Chicago, to make your digital footprint as realistic as possible, you must make a priority to communicate. Our team wants to know what events you have coming up, what your customers are saying, and if you have hired a new team member. We use these pieces of information to craft your business online personality, which can engage more potential customers.

If we don’t know about the specials you are running or an interesting fact about your products, it can leave a gap in your overall marketing plan. Make it a priority to fill us in monthly via email or to call us when something important happens. We would rather know too much than not enough, and your digital marketing will improve.

Working as a Team
When you work with Search SEO Chicago, we want to combine our efforts to make your businesses as successful as possible. Please take time to review our emails and approve drafts of online ads or upcoming blogs. This helps us know if we are connecting to your preferred marketing voice and portraying your organization online as you do offline.

Are you ready to team up with an experienced team of SEO experts who want to know more about your business? Give us a call today to get started.

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