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Does Responding to Social Media Really Matter?

As a business, you have a lot going on. Do you take the time to respond to your social media comments? In some instances, it can be incredibly helpful when you do. When someone leaves a comment about something inconsequential, then it does not really make much of a difference. However, if someone asks a question or says something that relates to your business, it is very important to respond. This shows that you care about their business and those relationships are important to you. That simple response can increase the trust your customers have in your business, too.

How to Respond to Social Media Comments

When people reach out through social media, it is important they know that someone real is behind the account. If someone has a question, and they are looking for a dependable answer, this can be your chance to step in. Show them that you are not only responsive, but also care about providing valuable information. It only takes a few minutes to politely answer a question. However, those few minutes can build up a solid foundation for a long-term relationship.

When someone asks a question, try to answer as concisely as possible. Fluffy answers do not help customers, and it could appear that you are hiding or withholding something. If someone leaves a review, thank them. Even if the review is bad, you want to thank them for taking the time. Plus, it provides you an opportunity to show that each customer matters by publicly making the situation right. Show that you care about all experiences and take a moment of your time to respond. This practice can turn into people following your brand and singing your praises.

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