What Percentage of Buyers Actually Focus on Page One Results?

Every business that seeks SEO wants the same thing – their business listed on page one. It takes a lot of work and strategy to get there. So, what is the big deal about page one results? Why is showing up on the first page from a search query so important? It is because it gives you the lion’s share of visitors coming to your website for help. Only a few people click over to page 2 or beyond. You want to be on page one for the greatest levels of online success.

How Many People Look at Page One Results?

Let this number sink in for a moment… 75% of people who do a search online will never look beyond the first page of results. Whether your business should be getting 200 views a month or 20,000 views a month, if you are not on page one, you miss out on 75% of that traffic. Even if your business is on page 2 of the results, you may only get 1 out of every 4 people who look up something you offer.

By taking the time and effort to move your business up to page one, you significantly increase the chances of getting noticed. People love to do research before they buy. This means they are looking at your competitors to see what they have to offer if you are not on that page. Instead, you need to have an SEO plan that moves you on that first page. Your strategy needs to include ways of getting both short and long term gains to move you up. Do you have a plan to get your business to page one?

Get Your Business Rising in Ranking with SearchSEO Chicago

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