There’s something about a new year that is exciting. As you turn the page to 2020 at your business, don’t start your work without developing a strong plan for the new year. A bit of preparation in this last month of the year can set you up for success as we move out of 2019 and into 2020. Here’s how to create a plan and stick to it.

Start with Reflection

You can’t set realistic goals or plan for success unless you take the time to reflect on what is – and isn’t – working for you right now. Over a working lunch, spend time looking back at your year. What was your most successful marketing campaign? Did you have a less than successful product launch that you perhaps didn’t market as well as you should have? There’s nothing wrong with finding room for improvement and learning from your mistakes can give you direction as you move into the new year.


You’ve heard of SMART goals before, and using this method is not just useful for losing weight or picking up a new habit. SMART goal setting works well for your business plans as well. Set a few goals for your next month, quarter, and year using the SMART technique: make each goal specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. 

Plan to Meet Goals

Once you have your goals, you can develop plans that will help you meet those goals. Planning without an end goal in mind can feel like spinning your wheels, so do the goal work first before beginning your plan of action. Remember to create marketing plans that ebb and flow with your launch dates as well as plans that incorporate digital and “in real life” campaigns.

Invest in Expertise

Digital marketing requires a lot of work to be successful. SEO updates, banner ads, social media, content creation and more are all a part of a marketing plan that actually works. This year, make the decision to invest in the expertise of Search SEO Chicago. Our team will take your business plans and make them successful online, creating traction that draws potential clients to your website front door.

Make 2020 the year you create digital marketing plans that catapult your business to the next level. We’re here to make it happen. Call us to get started.

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Andrew Sansardo

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