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Business Updates to Share with Your Digital Marketing Agency

Working with a digital marketing agency means you have invested in expert assistance with your online presence. Some clients come to Search SEO Chicago because they need the consistency we provide for their online content or advertising. Others come to Search SEO Chicago because they need their online components to work together to increase their searchability. No matter why you came to use a digital marketing agency, one thing is certain: communication is key to your success.

If your digital marketing agency is exceptional, you may end up forgetting all the work they are doing daily behind the scenes. Instead, you may remember them when you receive a monthly report of optimization findings or search keywords. However, you must keep them in the loop when it comes to updates in your business. 

Here are just a few things to remember to update regularly with your digital marketing agency:

Any Poor Reviews

A disgruntled customer can do a lot of damage these days thanks to review sites online. If you have had an influx of poor reviews, it is crucial to let your digital marketing agency know. Reputation management begins with a foundation of consistent content and advertising to shape the reputation your business needs. 

Hours of Operation

Believe it or not, clients sometimes forget to let their digital marketing experts know when their business is actually open. If you have winter or seasonal hours or are changing response times to online communications, please be sure to inform your digital marketing team. At Search SEO Chicago, we use that information to update your online platforms so that customers and browsers are well-informed.

Promotions or Sales

If you are running a promotion for a week or a month, let your digital marketing team know in advance. This way, we can adjust your social media marketing and advertising content to reflect this.

Change in Key Personnel

If you have a new employee starting, tell your digital marketing agency. The team at Search SEO Chicago can highlight the new employee via social media and use the change to talk more about specific roles, services, or products.

How long has it been since you’ve touched base with us? Call us to let us know important changes so we can reflect those on your online platforms.

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