What to Know About Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing a website so that it ranks higher in lists on search engines in Chicago. By using technical SEO, your company’s website can garner more online viewers, which can translate into higher sales and revenue.

Utilizing technical SEO is paramount to thriving in today’s online world.

Characteristics of a Website Optimized with Technical SEO

Search engines, like Google, scour the web every time a search is entered and rank the results based on the most-optimized website. You don’t want your business to get left in the dark!

It’s important to understand what features need to be prioritized to get a higher ranking on search engines. We’ll explain some key features of an optimized webpage below.

The Website is Crawlable

Search engines used artificial intelligence to ‘crawl’ through your webpage. Robots enter your webpage and follow the links on websites to discover information on your webpage.

The better your linking is, the more crawlable your website is. You can also block robots from crawling to certain pages or restrict the pages that can be shown.

By optimizing your crawlability, you allow search engines to quickly extrapolate important information from your site, resulting in higher search engine rankings.

The Website Has Limited Dead Links

Clicking a link on a webpage just to get an error message is never an optimal experience. When search engine robots crawl your page for information, hitting a dead link will make your rankings in the results fall.

Also, dead links provide a subpar user experience. People who visit a business webpage and encounter lots of dead links may navigate to a competitor site that works more soundly.

When possible, delete all URLs and dead links from your webpage. Be sure to keep up with this task.

The Website Has Limited Duplicate Content

If your webpage has multiple pages with the same content, or you have posted the same content across multiple channels or sites, the search engine may not know which to rank highest, and therefore default them all to a lower search engine rating.

There’s a technical solution to this common problem, thankfully. Something called a canonical link element can be programmed. This link element allows you to indicate the page you’d like to rank in the search engines so the engine can bypass duplicate content.


Technical SEO is a critical tool to have a successful business in today’s online world. By utilizing key techniques, you can ensure your website is ranked highly on popular search engines and gets more viewers.

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