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Social Media Changes for 2022-2023

What’s going to be happening with social media in the coming years and why is it important to you? If you have a business, or if you simply want to keep up with the changes and trends in the world, you need to pay attention to social media. Love it or hate it, these sites have become important to a large segment of the world.

Like other elements of the Internet, you can expect to see some changes and some new trends coming to social media in the next couple of years. Let’s look at some of the areas where it is expected to change.

Even More Time on Social Media

Today, people are spending an average of 145 minutes on social media each day. That’s almost two and a half hours just on social sites, and it’s expected that this number is going to rise. People are connecting and staying connected more often.

This means that social media is going to be the place to find people. Companies will have to rethink and increase their efforts in social media to make sure they can reach their customers.

Video Will Be More Popular

People already love videos, as evidenced by TikTok and YouTube. Often, videos perform better on social media than photos or text. Videos on Instagram, for example, often get twice as much engagement as a photo already. This is expected to continue in the next couple of years. You are likely going to see more social media companies creating short-form video options for their users.

Content Will Be Shorter

Attention spans are continuing to wane. People might be spending more time on social media, but they aren’t spending as much time on each post. They flit through posts like hummingbirds zipping through a garden. Research from Consumer Insights from Microsoft Canada has shown that the attention span of a person today is eight seconds long. It was 12 seconds 20 years ago. This is less than a goldfish.

Even if that research is exaggerated, it does show that there is a growing problem with our collective attention span. This means you can expect to see even shorter and “faster” content online.

Social media isn’t going anywhere. If you have a business, you need to make sure you are keeping up with the various sites, the trends, etc. to stay on top of the game. It can be difficult. Contact the social media specialist at Search SEO Chicago today, if you have any questions about your social media presence.

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