SEO Strategies You Could Be Missing Out On

When you own a website, it’s important to have the proper SEO elements in place, so you get noticed by search engines. Most website owners in Chicago know about the basic elements of SEO, including keywords and alt text for your pictures.

However, there are some additional strategies that can give you a boost in the rankings. In this article, we’ll discuss SEO strategies that you could be missing out on.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the strategy that websites use when they want to get ranked on search engines.

Your SEO strategy includes elements like using proper keywords, labeling metadata correctly, and other important elements. When your SEO strategy is on point, it means you’ll rank higher on search engines like Bing and Google.

Use the following tips when you’re optimizing your website to give you the best chances of ranking high on search engines.

1.     Broken Links

Many website owners forget about the link-building part of SEO. Link building is the process of connecting your website to others, as well as linking internal portions of your website.

You should constantly monitor for broken links. Doing a quick check-up of the links on your website can make sure the website is operating properly and linking to the pages it’s supposed to, giving you a boost in authority.

2.     Longer Content

Search engines like Google operate on something known as an algorithm. An algorithm is a set of characteristics that search engines look for that give your page more attention than others.

Normally algorithms look for things they feel will be valuable to readers and users of the search engine. Posting longer content can give you a boost in SEO scores.

Search engines equate post length with more valuable content. As a general rule, you should make sure most of your blog posts are at least 1,000 words, if not longer.

3.     Video Content

Don’t forget to post video content on your website. Search engines (especially Google) seem to currently love video content. This makes sense because video content provides a higher value.

Use YouTube and link YouTube videos to your blog posts for an easy way to display more video content.

Sometimes your SEO strategy can take a substantial amount of your budget. However, the tips mentioned here cost little to nothing.

Implement these types of strategies when you can to maximize your ROI and save money. In the end, using tips like these will give you the most bang for your buck if your website is monetized.

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