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Planning Your Spring Marketing Strategy

Here at Search SEO Chicago, we know the importance of short and long term planning for our clients. Taking time to sit down with your marketing team to plan out the next 30, 60, and 90 days can get your staff on the same page while also building a cohesive marketing plan that will draw customers into your business.

As you look toward the spring months, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Upcoming events and holidays
First and foremost, as you plan your spring marketing strategy, look at upcoming events and holidays that your business may be able to piggyback on. Consider running a Spring Training special (games start at the end of February), or offer a coupon to encourage Easter shopping (Easter falls on April 1 this year).

Mother’s Day is on May 13 this year and can be the perfect time to engage readers with a special, while Cinco de Mayo can be a fun and unique way to increase visitors to your business if you have a corresponding incentive.

Weather changes
Spring fever, even here in Chicagoland, typically starts in late February or early March, when the first cluster of warm days makes an appearance. These higher temperatures can drive customers outside and increase the chance that they will consider investing in exterior home improvement or travel opportunities. Use this to your advantage, running specials for installation or other incentives if you are in the home improvement or travel business.

Spring clean your website
Finally, spring is a great time to give your website and digital footprint a bit of a cleaning. Freshen up your site with an updated design or with a focused incentive on your social media platforms. If you aren’t quite sure how to accomplish this daunting task, give us a call. We would love to guide you through a spring cleaning process, leaving you pleased with your new look for the new season.

How will you re-engage your customers or potential clients this season?

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