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Ideas for Your Next Business Video

Drawing customers to your business requires serious attention to your digital marketing practices. This everchanging landscape can be make even the best marketing professionals dizzy. However, one type of online marketing that has gained steam over the past few years is not going anywhere – online videos.

Keeping your online video feed for your business fresh can be difficult. In order to keep your customers engaged, you should be sure to add new video content at least monthly. Here are a few ideas to consider as you discuss online videos for the next 90 days of your marketing plan.

Staff interviews
Quick staff interviews are a wonderful way to showcase your team and gain a bit of traction with customers. Try asking the same question to a few staff members each month, giving you fresh videos throughout the month with a common thread.

Office tour
Especially effective for businesses that customers rarely see in person, an office tour video can be the perfect way to capture your business culture and mission. Tour through one department in each video in order to keep the videos short and sweet, posting different department tours throughout the month.

Customer testimonials
Have a happy customer? Grab your phone and record her reaction before she heads out of the store. Ask a client to send you a video of your product in use in their home. These types of testimonials put your service in the spotlight and the customer featured is more likely to share it, giving you the chance to harness new clients as well!

Unboxing videos
If you are a business that ships products to your customers, consider upping the attention to detail on your shipping packaging. Unboxing videos are all over social media platforms right now, and it gives the opportunity for customers to unpack your products (and react to your products) in real time.

How are you utilizing online videos in your marketing plan? Our Search SEO Chicago team is ready to help you with producing online videos that will become a staple of your digital footprint. Give us a call today!

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