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When Less Is More: Tips to Keep Your Website Simple

When designing and maintaining your company’s website, you may find yourself wanting to add more, more, and more. After all, your business has a lot to say – you want your readers to know what you offer, what makes you different, and that you are experts in your field. However, adding more and more is never the right option for increasing traffic, or keeping readers engaged, when it comes to your website.

Your goal for your company’s website should be to engage readers quickly and to get them to click that “contact us” button. The key to doing this quickly is to keep your website simple. Here are a few of our favorite tips for keeping your site engaging without being too overwhelming.

Keep your information readily available
Surprisingly enough, many websites do not have contact information readily available on the home screen and throughout other web pages. Assure your contact info, such as your company name, email and phone number, are easily accessible right away.

Use bullet points to capture skimmers
Most readers are coming to your website to find out information quickly. Chances are, they are skimming your content while scrolling down. Capture these speed readers by giving good information in bullet point or heading style (like we are doing here).

Keep your message concise but powerful
Your message, on each page, should be concise but powerful. Pack your message into less than 500 words per page to maximize your search engine searchability, but keep the content engaging to get that reader to stay interested throughout the entire page.

Get professional help
Almost anyone can make their own website, but without the knowledge in SEO and marketing to an online audience, your website may never be seen by the public. Give the team at Search SEO Chicago a call to get your website engaging, searchable, and beautiful.

We would love to partner with you to develop a website that you will be proud of and that readers will engage with. Engaged readers = new customers. Let’s get started today.

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