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Is Your Website Set Up for Ease of Use for Your Customers?

A lot of people and businesses build a website based on what they want to see. While this is great for the owner of the site, it might not be what your visitors want to see. In fact, a vast majority of websites do not cater to the visitor. So, do you think your website is up to snuff? Let us find out together!

Website Navigation

Navigation is an essential part of ease of use for your customers. The link and breadcrumb technique is a great way to lead your customer through the various highpoints of specific products or services while gently guiding them to sign up for services or to purchase a product.

Search Functions

Some people argue that with good website navigation, you do not need search functions. Depending on the type of website you have, this is true. However, if you run an online store or sell multiple products, having a search function is a great way to speed up your customers’ process, which will lead to more impulse buys by eliminating downtime for them to consider whether or not to purchase the product.

Speed Kings Have an Advantage

When it comes to the internet, users want the information they are looking for immediately. Not in 3 seconds. Therefore, internet speeds are continuously expanding. A good site should be able to load a page in under 2 seconds. If your site cannot keep up with these speeds, users tend to get bored and move on to another site, especially users on mobile devices.

M-Commerce Ready?

M-commerce is on the rise, and if you are not already on board, you are way behind the 8-ball here. Last year, roughly half of all e-commerce sales were actually m-commerce sales. M-commerce, or mobile shopping, is expected to continue to flood the market and is projected to account for anywhere between 15% and 20% of total retail sales this year alone.

If you find that your site is coming up a little short in terms of ease of use or think that it could use a little bit of tweaking and fine-tuning, contact SearchSEO Chicago today! We will be happy to evaluate your site and give you our honest opinion.

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