Is ChatGPT a Good Marketing Tool?

AI is all the rage today. It’s also not going away. That means businesses and marketing professionals must come to grips with it. Is ChatGPT a good marketing tool, though? Or is AI just a fad?

The Truth about ChatGPT and Your Marketing

In a word, yes, ChatGPT is a good marketing tool. However, like any tool, it has its pros and cons. One person can use AI and achieve substantial returns while another might see no traction, or even find that their ranking in the SERPs drops.

What’s going on here? It’s really all about how you use ChatGPT to inform your marketing efforts, and it’s essential to know a few things before you start using this or any other AI platform.

First, AI content is not necessarily accurate. There have been documented instances of ChatGPT and other AIs making up answers to questions or creating entire scenarios from scratch. So, always do your due diligence and verify any data ChatGPT provides.

Second, AI content is not necessarily original. Because AI does not really think, all it can do is iterate on the information it’s been trained on. That shows in many ways, including the potential for duplicate content, which will land you in hot water with Google.

Third, AI content is not necessarily very good. Too many businesses attempt to use AI-generated copy in their marketing efforts as is, not realizing that it’s pretty low quality. You should never use ChatGPT to create end content. Instead, use it to create outlines or scaffolding on which your marketing team can build compelling website copy, blog posts, whitepapers, ad copy, and other marketing collateral.

How to Integrate ChatGPT into Your Marketing Efforts

So, how do you put AI like ChatGPT to use? You’ll find a wide range of ways, including:

  • Creating baseline content that can be edited, restructured, and transformed into compelling copy by your marketing team.
  • Creating personalized content for your customers based on their past purchase decisions and behaviors (again, edited and refined by human beings).
  • Delving into customer data to surface important insights that can fuel improved marketing decisions (again, do your due diligence to check any facts/data surfaced by AI).

Is ChatGPT a useful marketing tool? Absolutely. Is it the answer to all of your marketing needs? Not even remotely. AI is here to stay and will continue to be refined, but it still requires experienced marketing professionals to avoid the potential hurdles that come with its use.

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Andrew Sansardo

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