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Is “Fake News” Confusing Your Customers?

Technology is a wonderful tool that has given us the chance to connect with one another, and with new customers. However, it can sometimes feel that technology is always one step ahead of the majority of us. For example, do you feel like you can trust everything you see online? Five years ago, most of us likely would have trusted what we saw online. Nowadays, with the addition of “fake news” to our vocabulary, it can be more difficult to trust what we see when we open our computers.

Unfortunately, your customers or potential customers feel the same way, unsure of what to believe. How can you assure your website, content, and social media are seen as reliable in the middle of our “fake news” culture? The team at Search SEO Chicago has compiled a list of tips that can help you establish an online reputation of truth and reliability.

Share Responsibly

The easiest way to alienate or confuse customers is to use your business account to share unreliable information from other accounts. Always refrain from sharing political posts or unverified reports from other “friend” accounts. Instead, opt to use your business account to only share your own content, or content from reliable and verified sources.

Referrals are Imperative

Your online reputation grows as your in-real-life reputation does: through referrals. Ask your customers to give a review via Yelp or Facebook, as well as to tell their friends about their outstanding experience working with your business. These referrals will help to solidify your reputation and help new customers trust what they see on your site.

Make Your Own Content

You don’t have to worry about sharing posts or stories from other sources if you focus on creating your own. At Search SEO Chicago, we work with our customers to develop content that focuses on original blog posts and content creation. The more you are creating on your own, the more you can assure it is the truth. Your customers will appreciate it as well.

Be Available and Responsive

When customers ask questions via your website or social media pages, be available and responsive. This interaction is not only good for customer engagement but also assures there are real people monitoring your social media site. This increases trust from customers online.

Are you ready to create your own content and establish your reputation for reliable information? Give us a call for a free consultation to talk more about your digital marketing strategies. We are here to help.

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