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Why Live Video Can Be Good for Your Business

As you have scrolled through your personal social media feed, have you started to notice more live video? With both Facebook and Instagram offering live video opportunities to personal and business users, we are all getting a front row seat to the ever-changing scope of social media and technology.

Live video feeds are a wonderful way for personal users to connect with their friends and have some fun, but savvy business users are already benefiting from this new way to connect with customers all over the world. Have you started to use the live video option on your business social media page yet? If not, you are missing out on a new way to reach a broader audience.

Live Video Can Work for You

At Search SEO Chicago, we have already witnessed the benefits of live video for a number of our clients. While some of our clients eased into live video initially, those that use it regularly are becoming more confident with the platform and are seeing increased customer engagement. If you are still on the fence, remember that using social media adds to your digital personality for your business. Customers no longer rely on brick-and-mortar stores to develop a relationship with; creating a digital personality for your business can increase customer loyalty and referrals.

Live Video Best Practices

Before you begin experimenting with live video applications on your business social media pages, take time to strategically plan. First, assure you designate certain events to live broadcast. These events can be a business open house or a sneak peek at new products. Advertise your upcoming live videos and tease them throughout your social media posts. Once you are ready to go live, be sure the person filming the event has a steady hand and is technically savvy. Make a “host” role for the live video so that the broadcast does not seem disjointed, and have the “host” talk about the event and introduce any new people to the broadcast.

Are you curious about what live videos could do for your business, or do you have questions about which platform you should use for your live video events? Give the team at Search SEO Chicago a call. We are experts at giving you the tools to make your business more accessible (and searchable) to new and returning customers. We would love to help you develop a plan for adding live videos to your digital marketing plan.

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