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Dangers of Neglecting Your Social Media for Too Long

Social media is the new form of public discourse in the twenty-first century. We use social media for communication with friends and family and even as a news source but in the lane of digital marketing, social media can also be a powerful promotional tool. It’s easy to get distracted when running a blog but it is also crucial to get your name and brand out there as much as possible. Let’s take a look at two ways that neglecting social media promotion for too long can damage your blog.

Your Followers Could Forget About Your Blog

SEO optimization and SMO (social media optimization) have the ability to work as one cohesive unit to build awareness and traffic of your blog or website. A 2014 study by the International Journal for Scientific Research and Development shows that search engines are using the recommendations of users from popular social media platforms to pinpoint which blog articles to recommend for a topic or product.

Every time you promote your blog or website on social media, the backlinks you add can immediately lead to visits to your website. This can increase the likelihood that a product you are promoting through an affiliate gets purchased. For example, adding a hashtag to your promotional post on Twitter can create a marketing campaign that will drive traffic to your website. Always keep your followers across all social media platforms informed of your new content.

You Miss Out on Easy Advertising

You likely already know that allowing followers to share your content on social media branches your content out even further. While SEO optimization and creating useful content that is easy to read is crucial, social media allows you a quick way to spread your content out to as many people as possible. Crafting a catchy and visually appealing post with your website backlink will encourage more of your followers to share the content and come to your website.

As you can see, keeping up with social media optimization is important, and since that can be a job in and of itself, allow us here at Search SEO Chicago to take care of all your SEO and content needs. We can even take care of your social media management to give your site a stellar marketing campaign across multiple platforms.

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