Your 2019 Digital Marketing Plan

How are you planning on expanding your business in 2019? If you are like many business owners, digital marketing has become just as important (if not more important) than other “in real life” marketing tactics. As you begin to plan your budget, your staff, and your partner agencies to bring your digital marketing plan to life, don’t forget to think about these important digital arenas.

First and foremost, your website must feature information that is correct, include your current branding, and highlight your products or services. Consider if your website needs a redesign or a few added pages, and then begin to assure you are doing everything possible to increase your search engine exposure.

Social Media
You’ve got to engage your customers on Facebook and other social media platforms. Assure you have a plan in place to post original content, and to post regularly throughout the week – no exceptions.

Paid Advertisements
Your digital marketing plan requires you to pay for advertisements in a strategic way. Assure you allot money to pay for advertisement design and to get those advertisements to the computers and mobile devices of your target audience.

Email Engagement
Email newsletters are still a solid way to create customer engagement and loyalty. While you may never get a 100% open rate, a strong measure of success is if 30% of your subscribers open and read your monthly content. Don’t forget about your monthly newsletter, and be sure you are sending it out consistently.

New Content
Your SEO score is based on a variety of factors, one of which is an active website. You can prove your website is active, and generate new content to share via newsletter or social media, by creating a monthly blog or resource post.

If you are ready to take your 2019 digital marketing plan to the next level, don’t do it alone. The team at Search SEO Chicago is ready to build a plan that will suit your company’s needs. We can provide you with the expertise in all facets of digital marketing, making your agency stand out as the industry expert to potential and returning customers. Let’s get started today!