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Your personal social media habits should differ greatly from your professional ones. While you may scroll your personal social media feeds from your phone, while in line at the grocery store, your business requires a more strategic and purposeful approach. Here are a few of our social media strategy tips for our clients.

Don’t post from your phone.
Posting from your phone means you are running the risk of misspelling something or autocorrecting to the wrong word. These type of mistakes can make your social media presence seem less professional. Instead, make it a personal policy to never post to your business account from your phone. No matter what. Instead, log on using your laptop and utilize a grammar and spell check tool.

Use better photos.
We love that you can take photos of your events from your phone and send them to us! It gives us fun content to use online as we develop your social media personality. However, we take your photos and filter or crop them to make them look their best. Resist the urge to post to your company social media without using well lit, and well cropped, photos.

Don’t forget to tag your partners.
Everyone loves a little pat on the back, and tagging your community partners every once in a while can be a way to do this online. Tag correctly and with the right context. You just may get a tag back, sending a few new potential customers your way.

The more original content, the better.
Resist the urge to share too much on your business social media. Instead, create your own content (or let us do it for you) to make sure your customers are seeing your content and not someone else’s.]

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