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Social Media Inspiration for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, which means your customers and potential customers are spending more time online shopping, browsing, and looking for inspiration. Here are a few ways to meet your clients on their social media feeds and create more engagement during the holidays.

Give Away Freebies

The holidays are expensive and everyone is searching out free items or giveaways. Can you create some excitement on your social media feed by giving away a gift card to a local coffee shop or free content that users can download after giving an email address? Perhaps it’s a “share our image and you will be entered to win a cup of coffee on us” or a “download our free Thanksgiving table games printout” that will hook a potential new customer. When possible, keep your free content centered around your expertise.

Use Hashtags

Using appropriate and trending hashtags can get you noticed, especially when you use popular tags like #BlackFriday or #ShopSmall. Use branded images when you add these hashtags and choose an image that will stand out. Dedicated holiday shoppers will research deals before these big shopping holidays and could find your products by searching a specific hashtag.

Have a Little Fun

Have a little holiday fun during these next few months with your social media feed. Try posting an appropriate holiday joke as a branded image every Tuesday during the next few months, or ask staff members to do a quick video once per week to talk about their favorite holiday tradition or snack.

Don’t Alienate

The holiday season means different things to different people, so be aware of not alienating customers based on your content. For example, don’t just focus on Christmas – include Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, and other important events around your neighborhood (and around the world).

Stay Consistent

Unfortunately, most business owners stop being consistent with social media posts during this busy season. This means you are missing out on an important time of year for sales. Further, your inconsistency means customers will slowly forget about you until you show up again in January. Choose to stay consistent this year by working with the team at Search SEO Chicago. We will create and curate your posts throughout the next few months, making sure your business stays present throughout social media.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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