Selling Services vs. Selling Products

Does your business sell products, services, or a combination of both? Depending on what you are in the business of selling, it can drastically affect how you communicate with customers and potential clients online. When it comes to social media, web design, and content for your online presence, one size most certainly does not fit all. Here’s what you need to know about getting the most out of your online marketing strategy.

Social Media

If you sell products, your social media feed should feature your products in nearly every post. Highlight photos of your product in action in real life, customers using your product, and professional product photos with text describing features or upcoming incentives to purchase. Make your product(s) the star of the social media show, and create images and text that will appeal to your target audience.

In contrast, if you are selling services, focus on creating a relationship with the reader. Fill your social media feed with videos giving helpful advice or tips, as well as more about your office culture. Add in photos of presentations you are giving to establish yourself as the expert in your area.


For a business that sells products, content should focus on the product. Blog posts should include inspiration around the product and strong calls to action that draw the reader to the product description. Talk about the best features of the product, as well as how the product compares to other versions from competitors (without linking or highlighting the competitor).

If you sell services, use your blog and other content as a way to rope in readers by writing about questions you hear your clients ask or what you think potential clients are searching for online. For example, a family law attorney may choose to write about “how to co-parent with an ex-partner” or “how much does a divorce cost”. These topics are relevant and you get the opportunity to give your expert opinion as well as leave a call to action to discover more about your services.

Web Design

No matter what you sell, your website should always be easy to navigate and pleasant to use. If you sell products, be sure your photos of the products are professionally done and are used throughout the site. For a service-based business, use headshots of yourself and your team. Any stock photography should represent your client base and your community.

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