Is Voice Changing the SEO Landscape?

‘Voice’ refers to the use of speak to text technology which is laden inside of a lot of our tech. The clearest examples of this technology take the form of voice assistants like Siri or Alexa. They work by being prompted via voice, responding by complying with your request. This isn’t new technology, but how it is interacting with SEOs seems to be a new situation.

Voice SEO vs. Text SEO

If you search for ‘baked chicken’ you will see a list of recipes, articles, pictures, suggestions; you may even start to see some targeted ads for something involving baked chicken. In comparison, if you ask Alexa for the same information, she would reply with a single answer. There is no perusing to see what others think, no recipes to try out, certainly no pictures.

Text SEOs play on the approach that you will see similar content and click on the one that takes you to the hosting business. Meanwhile, voice SEO operates on a different playing field. It takes an approach of assuming that people are going to ask it longer questions (because speaking is easier than typing) so it then takes those buzzwords and attempts to answer based on prior experiences. This is also why the voice answers sometimes do not answer the question correctly; they hear the wrong buzzwords and that breaks their SEO into looking at the wrong content.

The Future of SEOs

With the advancements in voice SEOs, it isn’t a surprise that content should consider this avenue. Businesses in the near future will need to start considering a balanced approach to SEOs, in both formats, to stay above their competitors. Forward-thinking small businesses are exploring their options with the technology. Additionally, these are the same businesses that stand to gain the most from the implementation of the tech.

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