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Best Practices for Updating Your Business Website

Even the best and brightest business owners can struggle with the ins and outs of digital marketing. Between shifting algorithms, social media exposure, and search page results, business owners can quickly become overwhelmed and disengaged with their business website activity. However, it is unwise to simply assume as long as your business has a website and social media page that you are fulfilling your quest to have a strong online presence.

Developing a digital footprint takes time, commitment to details, and a regular schedule of online interaction. Your business website is the first place to start in order to assure you are capturing your browsers and turning them into clients. Here are a few ways to do it.

Update your website at least yearly
Your website should be updated at least yearly, including your social media pages. While your update doesn’t necessarily mean an overhaul on your branding, it does mean taking designated time to dive into your website and change things that are not working. Look at your logo and design as well as the content for each of your individual webpages.

Are your customers able to find your contact information quickly and on each page? Can browsers easily find what your business does with minimal clicks or scrolling? Is your website design too busy and overwhelming? Taking time to answer these questions and adapting your website appropriately can be the best use of your time each year.

Get another opinion
Many times, business owners are not the best people to review their own websites. Instead, ask a friend or colleague to give a review of your current website. Use their thoughts and observations to help you develop a plan for updates that will make your site more user friendly.

Partner with a professional
At Search SEO Chicago, we keep client websites updated monthly. This scheduled practice not only assures websites are beautiful and engaging, but also that information is updated to enhance SEO scores. We would love to show you the difference that a well designed and regularly updated website can make for your marketing plan. Give us a call today to find out more.

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